College Advise for FRESHMEN

Hello, I feel like making a day of the week “a day to advice”, I want to give advise for those who are freshmen or simply don’t know a lot about what do to, say, or ask in their university. First of all, I write and speak from experience, I am not a professional and this is in no way meant to offend anyone. The topic of today is:

“2014 Freshmen Move In” by Illinois Springfield is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

First days of going to College

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask anything, like classes, cafeteria, bathrooms or classrooms. (The more you ask, better informed you’ll be and you will help others when they have the same problem.)
  2. Forget about your friend’s study plans, build your own path in what you want to study. (You’ll meet a lot of new and different people each semester, learn to meet and to be ready for change. )
  3. Discover places, wonder around and ask about monetary benefits, loans, programs, associations, scholarships, internships, housing, and other perks as a student. (Better safe than sorry)
  4. Ask people in bigger grades their experiences or ask for advice. (It helps to have points of view or to be warned)
  5. If you get lost, don’t be shy to ask where you need to go, ask people that work somewhere in the university or people you have seen in your classes. (You might think you’re the only one who seems lost but, a lot people are going through the same thing and they’ll tell you either that “they don’t know either” or “they’re looking for the same place”.

I love going to college, is a big world with many people in which you’ll get to meet a lot of them and have experiences. “Look for what you need, learn from what you see and achieve what you desire”

Published by Adriana Lizbeth

I'm a college student with the desire to be successful in life.

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