Life as a Hispanic Girl.

Hey, I want to talk about my experience as a puertorican girl and how movies made me believe I miss out on a few things. This in no way is meant to offend or to generalize the hispanic culture, this is just my personal point of view and experience.

First of all, I grew up watching a lot of chic flicks, american girl movies, high school comedies and a lot of teen drama. Obviously, I realize schools in Puerto Rico are nothing a like the schools in the United States, the same goes for the atmosphere and experiences in college. But, for example, in the United States if you turn 18, you’re an adult, but, in Puerto Rico your not an adult until you turn 21 and if you still live with your parents, your still going to be treated as a kid.

Second, in the movies they show teens going on trips together, not only movies but in real life in America, they’re never in the house and parents are more liberal. Unfortunately, I do not have that life, I’m old enough to vote, but I still have to ask permission if I want to step a foot outside my house, for example, going alone to buy something to eat.

Both cultures are so different, I believe the same happens all around the world, but sinces I was a kid all I wanted was to have that type of american experiences, like going to drive in theaters, going camping, having trips with friends, going to a big highschool with clubs and pep rallys. Going to a school with lockers, with an auditorium, with a football or basketball team and most of all I always wanted to be a cheerleader.

Photo by Rojan Maharjan on Unsplash

By living in other parts of the world, it’s normal for everything to be different because we all have our own culture, traditions and celebrations but still, is impressive when we visit a place where everybody is so different, just think… they get experience something we haven’t and to them that’s their everyday life. And for them, we might be the same way, a lot of people wish to be latin, to live and eat what we do.

Even though I feel like I wanted to experience this types of events, memories and lifestyle, I am grateful because it has made me the girl I am today. The hispanic methods of racing a child are strong, specially being a girl and being more watched and overprotected all the time , has kept me safe. Let me just say, it’s not easy, sometimes it’s unfair and it makes me want to grow up faster but, it has gotten me where I am today.

Published by Adriana Lizbeth

I'm a college student with the desire to be successful in life.

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