College Advice/ What to Bring.

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Today’s topic is what to always have in your backpack:

  1. Put every receipt the university gave you or checks you receive in a folder.
  2. Always bring your student folder with all of your important college documents, it speeds the process with all that you do.
  3. Put your student ID on a lanyard, that’s better than taking out your wallet at all times.
  4. Use closed shoes, sometimes is harder to walk a lot in open toe shoes or heels, use comfortable shoes when you know your going to walk a lot.
  5. Always bring the necessary school supply items, in universities they don’t give you materials and not everybody has what you need.
  6. Learn to have $10 or $20 of emergency money to use ONLY when you need them for transportation, lunch or something necessary.
  7. Buy a role of toilet paper or tissue paper and put it on zip lock bag in your backpack, it’s good to have in case their isn’t any.
  8. In your school folders always have: graph paper (papel cuadriculado) letter paper (paper en blanco) and ring paper (paper de argolla), to use in case you need it for an assignment or you lose your notebook. Always have a blue, black and a red pen, in different circumstances you’ll need to sign or wright with a specific color. Bring a highlighter also, it’s always important to highlight important stuff.
  9. If you bring a computer and you don’t want to carry it, put it in your car trunk, it’s safer and nobody see’s it. Or if you want to bring it, use a backpack that has the space to put a computer, it’s more comfortable.
  10. The best advice I could give is always print a copy or take a photo of your assignments or anything important in case something happens when you upload it or give it.

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I'm a college student with the desire to be successful in life.

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