COLLEGE ADVICE/ Why being confident and social is a good trait?

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

First of all, this is not meant to offend anybody this is just my point of view and why to me is important and a good trait to have.

  1. In a work place such as: customer service, register or anywhere you need to help or serve people you need to have a good attitude and transmit the same energy. Being a confident person people tend to feel safe and they trust you more on what you say or do for them.
  2. Shows a good image and people tend to appreciate or acknowledge people who are extrovert instead of reserved.
  3. It’s not only for people to be confident it’s also to be nice and show some empathy, nobody likes a narcissist or people with big egos, it’s not good to be “too confident” it comes off as being a show off, being personal and truthful helps transmit that confidence in people.

Published by Adriana Lizbeth

I'm a college student with the desire to be successful in life.

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